About Us


Academy Mission Statement It’s more than just a Workout! We here at Hit One Deep are dedicated to help increase Individual Players Mental and Physical Skill Sets that are needed to be able to compete at a higher level of Baseball. Individual players will work on their physical skill set through drills, increase their mental knowledge of how to play the game through Whiteboard discussions as well as using video analysis to show physical flaws in the Players Skill set.



Summer Academy June 17th-July 12th at Temple City High School Enrollment is Open

This is not your ordinary Workout. It covers Physical Baseball Improvement, Mental Preparation and Awareness, Increased knowledge of the Game,  Defensive and Pitching  workout, Swing Analysis, Whiteboard Discussion, Strength and Nutrition. Workouts will be held each Week on Mon. Wed. Thurs. 4:00-6:00, Cost is $275.00, held at Temple City High School Baseball Field.