Online Live Hitting Lessons

Online Live Hitting Lesson

Online Live Hitting Lesson using Video Conference Call through Zoom. With Zoom, we can have One on One Lessons to analyze the swing and make adjustments.

How it works: 

Text, Call (818-388-6181), or E-mail me to set up a time for the Lesson. Be sure to send me the email address you have used to sign up with Zoom.

Download the Zoom App on your computers, tablets, or phones.

Prior to each virtual Lesson, your child will need to take 5 swings, record them, and then text me the videos. The swings can be off of a tee or soft toss.The clips only need to be 3-5 seconds long.

This will allow me to analyze the swing before our lesson, so that we can spend time during the lesson making corrections. Each Lesson will be 15 to 20 minutes long.

Payment will be done via Venmo  or Credit Card Payment.

Cost for each Lesson is $25.